You Guys ROCK!!

"Thank you so much for such an amazing service & for genuinely caring about my child. The concern you showed for him was heart felt. Also I was blown away when Dr. Hamilton called to check on him. That spoke volumes to me. Again THANK YOU."


New Braces, Great Experience

“My 15-year-old daughter needed braces after having several teeth removed. Everything went very smooth. The entire staff is really friendly and professional. I was able to pay in full and received a 5% discount, which was really nice as it knocked off a nice little chunk of the bill. They also sent my daughter home with a bag full of supplies to help keep her braces and teeth clean. The toothbrush that she was sent home with was really impressive. So far, everything has been a great experience.”

Orthodontia Care At Its Best

“Hamilton Orthodontics has delivered exceptional care and results for both of our daughters. Their team of experts make the process seamless and stress-free. They exhibit great team spirit and create a fun, relaxed atmosphere for their patients.”

Exceptional and Friendly!

“We have really enjoyed coming into your friendly welcoming office. Everyone is always smiling and offering help. Dr. Hamilton is always around to chat with, so caring and thoughtful with kind remarks. We love your staff and are looking forward to having our youngest child become a future patient.”

The Best in Every Way

“The waiting room isn’t really a waiting room at all, ’cause it has so many things to do and, when your name is called, it’s kind of a disappointment to leave. The ortho room is very comfy as well, for the patient and the parent. Upon leaving, the desk staff are very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. It is an incredible orthodontist practice and I think the best part, and the glue that makes this office so functional, is not only a gifted orthodontist, but his staff who truly enjoy their workplace.”

— Devon

Why Wasn’t my Orthodontic Experience Like This?

“My two children have been under Dr Hamilton’s care for almost six years now. He followed them annually before they were ready for treatment, advised us on our options, prepared us for the treatments, and now, we are one down, one still in progress. Coming to the office is such an enjoyable experience. There are iPads, contests, video games, photo slide shows, rewards/prizes, and beautiful fish to enjoy (oh, and coffee/cookies: my personal favorite). My kids have no idea how good they have it! I think my favorite thing about Hamilton Orthodontics is how much my children trust Dr. Hamilton and his staff. We have all been completely satisfied with our experience and always highly recommend Hamilton Orthodontics to our friends.”

— Allison J.

Excellent Work and Great Service by Hamilton Orthodontics

“There are many reasons why we appreciate Hamilton Orthodontics and why our family would highly recommend their services. First, Dr. Hamilton does excellent work and is truly interested in creating the best results for each of his patients. After treating two of our daughters and currently treating another, we appreciate the fact that he continues to follow his patients well after they have finished wearing braces. Thus, to ensure the continuation of their beautiful smile and the investment parents have made. We also appreciate Dr. Hamilton’s wonderful staff. Thank you all so much!”

— Kameron A.

Happy Customer

“Dr. Hamilton and his staff are awesome. My children love going there.  They make them feel like rock stars. I highly recommend them to anyone who is considering orthodontic treatment. I am a dental professional myself. I have worked as a dental hygienist for the past 12 years and this is where I choose to bring my family.”

— Noah I.

Best Staff Ever

“The staff as well as Dr. Hamilton provide excellent care in a fun and caring atmosphere that takes away the anxiety that often comes with dental care. In the office they take a very hands-on approach in assisting the client in doing their very best. Fun activities and themed days are common here in the office and this allows everyone to relax and join in the merriment. Even the teaching and instructing are done in a manner that uplifts and boosts the self-esteem of each client. In addition to great orthodontic care, it is also nice to see an office staff that steps forward in the community to make the world a better place.”

— Chad I.

If you could say “There’s no Place like Home!” for a Dental Office, This is it!!

“My teenage daughter was dragging to her orthodontic appointments. We just moved to North Carolina area and Dr. Hamilton’s office, on the outside, looked nice and inviting. But lo and behold when we walked in I thought the red carpet had been rolled out. I cannot express enough of the hospitality and the warm feeling we were presented with. I want to thank each and every one of you for making my daughter feel at home and look forward to her next appointment. Thank you, Dr. Hamilton and staff!”

— Kimberly M.

New Patient Anxiety = GONE!

“My daughter was anxious about getting braces and the process. On the big day, there were almost tears that morning. After going through the process of getting her braces she was so relieved and calm. Why??Because Dr. Hamilton and his staff made her feel so at ease and the big thing is they CARE! They showed her they care about their patients and put them at ease that morning! There are always hugs given out! If I had to put one word to Dr. Hamilton and his staff it is CARE!!!  We look forward to the next 12 to 18 months with this wonderful staff! Thanks to all!”

— Lydia M.

Hamilton’s “Outstanding” Orthodontics

“From the care you receive, to the entire staff he employs, there are no details left out. Everyone makes you feel so comfortable and you are treated like family the minute you walk through the door. Now we know why Hamilton Orthodontics is the most talked-about practice!!!”

— Christina F.

Hamilton Orthodontics is the best!

“This office is always so professional and Dr. Hamilton goes beyond what you would expect from an orthodontist. He took extra time with our individual case, explaining everything and even showed us examples of others in our situation. I highly recommend this practice.”

— John N.

Hands Down!!

“I am very pleased with mine and my son’s experience with Hamilton Orthodontics. The staff is amazing! Loving, friendly, outgoing, I couldn’t have asked to have chosen a better place for treatment! I would most definitely recommend Hamilton Orthodontics to anyone — hands down! :) ”

— Cameron G.


I transferred to Dr. Hamilton’s practice after completing 18 months of an Invisalign program originated in San Diego, CA.  I cannot say enough about how far Dr. Hamilton went beyond the call of duty in his original commitment to fix my teeth and smile to my total satisfaction.  His competence and integrity are of the absolute highest standards and his thoroughly delightful and highly competent staff is truly second to none.  While most families are willingly involved in orthodontics for their children, I also highly recommend Dr. Hamilton and his exceptional team for all adults who would like to improve their smile.  It is very common today for adults to wear either Invisalign (if applicable) or traditional “braces”, so you won’t be alone (and time flies)!  It is definitely worth the investment to improve your smile and overall confidence and I can testify that Hamilton Orthodontics is the absolute BEST ANYWHERE!!