Office Fun

There is always something exciting going on at Hamilton Orthodontics!!!  





Movie Day 2017  "The Emoji Movie"

Emoji Day July 17 2017


Welcome Party for Dr Whitecotton- Pelican's SnoBalls                                June 15, 2017



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Super Hero Day April 2017


Dr Seuss Week 2017  Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!

Christmas Fun 2016

Halloween 2016

YUMMY...  Chic Fil a in Denver

Lake Norman Woman Magazine   September 2016


June 2016   Lots of Fun at "Finding Dory" Movie!! Dr Hamilton reserved the theatre for Hamilton Ortho patients to enjoy

Christmas Fun 2015

Halloween 2015

Disney Trip October 2015

April's 10 Year Anniversary Party

Hamilton Orthodontics Photo Shoot 2015

Father's Day Drawing 2015

Mother's Day Drawing Winner